List of active separatist movements in Africa

List of active separatist movements in Africa

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This is a list of currently active separatist movements in Africa. Separatism includes autonomism and secessionism. What is and is not considered an autonomist or secessionist movement is sometimes contentious. Entries on this list must meet three criteria:

  1. They are active movements with living, active members.
  2. They are seeking greater autonomy or self-determination for a geographic region (as opposed to personal autonomy).
  3. They are the citizen/peoples of the conflict area and not comes from other country.

Under each region listed is one or more of the following:


Berber flag.svg Kabyle


Flag of Cabinda Province.svg Cabinda

United Kingdom British Overseas Territories[edit]

Chagos Islands (currently British Indian Ocean Territory)

(The Chagossians wish to have the right of return to the Chagos Islands who were evicted over 40 years ago to make way for British Army and US Army base)


Bakassi Peninsula

Flag of The Federal Republic of Southern Cameroons.svg Ambazonia (member of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization and Organization of Emerging African States)

 Central African Republic[edit]


Flag of Mohéli.svg Mohéli

 Democratic Republic of the Congo[edit]


Coptic flag.svg Copts

Bir Tawil

  • Ethnic groupAbabda
    • Proposed state: Republic of Ababda
    • Status: Technically independence as both Egypt and Sudan do not claim or control the region but no political organisation within the region currently governs Bir Tawil.


 Equatorial Guinea[edit]

Bubi nationalist flag.svg Bioko



Secessionist movements
  • Mayotte continues to have autonomist movements despite the island having voted to become France’s 101st department in 2011.[16]

 Ivory Coast[edit]



Flag of Cyrenaica.svg Cyrenaica




MNLA flag.svg Azawad


Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.svg Western Sahara

Flag of the Republic of the Rif.svg Arrif


Flag of CANU.svg Caprivi




Flag of Biafra.svg Biafra


Niger Delta

Flag of the Ogoni people.svg Ogoni




Flag of Casamance.svg Casamance



 South Africa[edit]

Afrikaner Vryheidsvlag.svg Boere-Afrikaners nation’s

CapePartLogo.gif Cape Party

 South Sudan[edit]



Beja Nation

Flag of Darfur.svg Darfur



Flag of Zanzibar.svg Zanzibar


Flag of Buganda.svg Buganda


Flag of Barotseland.svg Barotse



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